Western Ethiopia

Western Ethiopia

Historic Route


Code – RT 055
Surma and south western Ethiopia

CodeRT 055
Duration- 12 days
Transportation- surface
Sites - Surma and south western Ethiopia

Day 1

Arrive Addis Ababa, welcome at the airport; transfer to your hotel. O/N hotel.

Day 2

Drive towards the coffee region of Jimma via the green part of the country. Lunch will be on the way at Woliso Ethiopian Hotel. O/ n hotel.

Day 3

Drive Jimma to Bebeka on the way pass through the green trail western Ethiopia. O/ n at lodge.

Day 4

Drive from Bebeka to Tum for Dizi people. O/ n camping.

Day 5

Drive to Tulgit for Surma people. O/ n camping.

Day 6

Trek to Kibish for Surma, villages, ceremonies like stick fighting of the Surma people. O/O/N camping / lodge.

Day 7

Back Tulgit.O/N camping / lodge.

Day 8

Drive Tum visit the coffee plantation.
O/N camping

Day 9

Drive to Tepi through evergreen forest.O/N camping


Drive back to Jimma.O/N hotel


Drive to Addis Ababa; en route visit the creator lake of Wonchi. O/N hotel


City tour; evening farewell dinner party and departure

Code –RT 056
Jimma, Surma and south western Ethiopia Tribes

Code- RT 056
Duration- 18 days
Transportation- surface
Sites- Jimma, Surma and south western Ethiopia Tribes

Day 1

Arrive Addis Ababa; transfer to hotel and half day city tour. O/ n hotel

Day 2

Drive to Jimma through Woliso to see the culture of people on the way. O/ n hotel.


Drive Jimma to MizanTeferi to visit the people of Bench, Yem and Keficho. O/ n hotel.

Day 4 Tulgit. O/ n Camping.
Day 5 Tulgit to Tum. O/ n Camping.
Day 6

Tum; Visit the Dizi, Tishena, Surma and Zilmamo ethnic groups. O/ n Camping.

Day 7

Trekking towards Majji. Visit different ethnic groups of the area.O/ n Camping.

Day 8 Trek from Majji to Adikas and then trek through the land of the Dizi people. O/ n Camping.
Day 9

Trek to arrive at Kormu. Visit the Chai ethnic group. O/ n Camping.


Trek from kormu to kibish through the land of Surma.O/ n Camping.


Surma. Visit the Surma people.O/ n Camping.


Kormu. Trek back to Kormu.O/ n Camping.


From Kormu trek to reach at Adikas.O/ n Camping.


Trek from Adikas and arrive at Tum.O/ n Camping.

Day15 Tum - Tulgit.O/ n Camping.
Day16 Tulgit to Bebeka.O/ n Camping.

Bebeka to Jimma.O/ n hotel.


Jimma – Addis anddeparture.