Tour Services

Tour Ethiopia with Rainbow!

“RAINBOW” provides tour services to different historical sites, towns, national parks, and other places of interest all over the beautiful country - Ethiopia - using a variety of buses and 4WD vehicles suitable to customers.

Our well trained and pleasant professional guides are always ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance for you to have a delightful and memorable visit to Ethiopia.

The Tour Operation Services Unit of “Rainbow” provides the following services:

  • Tour services with or without escort guide for excursions in Ethiopia.
  • Providing Professional guide services.
  • Extending Hotel and Transport Reservation Services.
  • Render tour operation, travel agency and safari Trans-Regional tourist service trade activities.

    Why Rainbow Should be Your Target!

    It would provide you the detailed information on all aspects of your tours. All who ever visited Ethiopia affirm that Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental and Tour Services PLC was the right choice. All its tours and excursions are admirable.

    Rainbow owns adequate facilities. It is in possessions of a large fleet of ultramodern, deluxe automobiles, 4WD cars and buses. Its personnel are well oriented and versed in all activites of the trade.

    Rainbow guides are well trained and multilingual. Our professional senior tour guides are commonly known by all tourists who have visited Ethiopia as a “Walking Encyclopedia” and considered as an Ethiopian “treasure”.

    Our chauffeurs and mechanics are highly experienced and all our vehicles have comprehensive insurance coverage.

    All roads of Africa lead to the unique relics of Ethiopia, Rainbow is the beneficent and reliable vehicle to take you to all these gorgeous and exotic attractions.