Ethiopia is an ancient land with many unique features which are true for these lands, Ethiopia was the only independent African country that has never been conquered throughout the ages. It’s located in the Horn of Africa, North of the Equator between longitudes of 330 and 480E and latitudes 30 and 150covering a total area of 1,112,000sqm.

Ethiopia is truly a land of Mystery and Marvelous with an extra-ordinary; history, culture, nature and with a mixed religions events, these spectacles could be thoroughly explored and looked up to under the paradise of intense African blue skies. The heart breaking attractions of Ethiopia, can be told and explored by varying tourists with different tastes as tastes them self could hold varying meanings of significance. Through these great lands the traveler can make a journey of lifetime which he could not experience anywhere else. Ethiopia’s long history of collective antiquities circles the beauty of its sightseeing that could not be found   within anywhere of sub –Saharan Africa. This unique, magnificent, splendid and fascinating attraction makes Ethiopia a country to be listed as one of the top tourist attraction sites in the world.

The historical edifice of great endogenous civilization in Ethiopia leads to an astonishing sites of World heritages registered by UNSECO. Like LALIBELA: the unofficial eighth wonder of world that is known by live 11 rock hewn churches. GONDER:  the medieval capital of Ethiopia with complex of Castles. AXUM: where the fabled Queen of Sheba capital, majestic standing monolithic obelisks stand and the Sanctuary of Ark of Covenant. HARAR: the eastern Islamic learning centre and the walled city. BAHIRDAR: beautifully decorated timeless islands monasteries of Lake Tana. The temple of YEHA: the oldest standing structure defines an ancient glory and the AL- NEGASHI Mosque that represent the very first history of Islamic Faith in the world.

The majestic landscapes of Ethiopia open to tremendous range of climate and altitude variety, which leads the country to extreme diversity. Africa’s top impressive experience between Desert to Afro alpine climate, highest elevated mountain Ras Dejen (4620m) to Danakil Depression (120m below sea level the lowest point of the world), colorful religious ceremonies to Ethnic Ritual activities, immense ethnic varieties, an extraordinary species of wildlife and plants are authentically remarkable and breathtaking. 

Exceptions of Ethiopia:

  • The cradle of human being (The home sapiens origin commenced here)
  • Holds largest number (9 sites) of world heritage registered by UNSECO  than whole of African countries
  • Sanctuary of the Ark of Covenant
  • Use own calendar and alphabet
  • Place where 13 months of sunshine(All year round pleasant and beautiful weather)
  • A home of Coffee originates
  • Being a centre of endemism in wildlife and plants
  • A wide scope of gifted geographical feature
  • Place of undiscovered harmony and contrast where different ethnic nationalities live with their language, religion and culture.